In May 2017, after months of convincing, I finally got to do something I have dreamed about for years, record a record with my Dad. My Dad has always sung, and even at 78 and battling a degenerative lung condition he is singing joyously and powerfully. This album was recorded at The Qube Studios in Dublin over three days and was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Joined by my brother Damien and a host of musicians who all donated their time, including Andy Keenan, Simon Bushby and Finbarr O'Connor (Home Brew), Danny Driver and Robbie Malone (Lir, David Gray), we took some of my Dad's favorite Irish and American Folk Tunes and created a record that we couldn't be more proud of. All the tracks were recorded live to tape to keep an intimate, rustic feel. The promise Damien and I made to my Dad was that if we made the record we would do it right, and release it properly.

John J Byrne and The Twangmen
Release date: November 2017

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1. The Ragman's Ball (Trad arr. by The Twangmen) (2.33)

2. The Donkey and the Delph (Trad arr. by The Twangmen) (3.45)

3. Dark as a Dungeon (Merle Travis) (7.10)

4. The Twangman (Trad arr. by The Twangmen) (1.55)

5. Four Strong Winds (I. Tyson) (4.20)

6. The Finding of Moses (Michael J.Moran aka Zozimus) (2.44)

7. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (Lester Flatt) (4.14)

8. The Voyage of the Calabar (Trad arr. by The Twangmen) (2.34)

9. Worried Man Blues (Woody Guthrie) (3.34)