Buy Us a Pint Ya' Tight Git!

Released 2004

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This is our first Irish album, recorded at Scotty's home studio in 2004. It's very live, very rough, and not bad at all. If you have a copy, hold on to it because there's no more. I don't even have one left! The title came from something that I heard in a Dublin Pub. A fella walked in who was a well known comedian, and one of the locals looked up, saw him at the bar and said "You must have loads o' money, buy us a pint ye tight git! I nearly fell off the stool. My favorites on this are our versions of "Rocky Road to Dublin" and "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda"

01. Rocky Road To Dublin

02. Navigator

03. Whiskey In The Jar

04. Dirty Ol' Town

05. A Man You Don't Meet Everyday

06. Sally Maclenane

07. Pair of Brown Eyes

08. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Bonus Tracks:

09. The Spanish Song

10. The Greek Song